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Green Strategy for
Water Management

Blue Water

Our strategy integrates Nature-based Solutions because they are sustainable, cost-effective, and beneficial in multiple ways


They can be applied to a range of challenges from reducing carbon emissions to solving societal problems such as income inequality, food security, and other inequities


Nature offers multiple solutions to the many problems humanity faces today


Nature feeds us, provides us shelter, regulates our weather patterns, fuels our economic growth, protects us from disasters, and nature is the foundation of human health




We stand at a crucial moment in time, what we do or don't do in this next decade will determine to a large extent the fate of our planet


Water access approach sparks chain reactions that shift people’s habits and expectations, it transforms how countries or communities work and delivers lasting change in people


Inspired and supported by nature to improve integrated water management

Watershed model

  • Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and recycle water for non-potable uses

  • Establish flood bypasses constructing wetlands to reduce downstream flooding

  • Connect rivers to floodplains and aquifers

  • Water harvesting capturing rainwater from roofs

  • Managed Aquifer Recharge, water can be infiltrated at foothills helping against groundwater overdraft, especially in aquifers where suffer water depletion

  • Territorial ordinance and strategic community plans

  • Forest landscape restoration

  • Growing crops across slopes to reduce erosion and increase infiltration

  • Gabion check dams to reduce water speed, store water upstream, combat desertification, and improve infiltration

  • Protection of current water supply systems through the strategic enhancement of groundwater recharge,  we have designed an innovative system to conserve the rainwater under the surface

Rainwater harvesting needs to become mainstream

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The main and disruptive element of this strategy it's our patented water supply system, which percolates water into the ground helping nature to conserve and store water in the alluvial aquifer as a rainwater harvesting system, so it represents several benefits for nature and users where conventional infrastructure does not provide

“The jury recognized the project that the team defines as follows: Rainwater hardly infiltrates and does not reach the aquifers. This solution has designed an installation that allows water to be stored under the surface, with two objectives: to create an underground reservoir to create a water source or to recharge aquifers."

IDB-FEMSA Award 2021

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